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Kitras Art Glass

Tree of Peace in 2 and 6 inch

Tree of Peace in 2 and 6 inch

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Symbolizing unity and compassion, the Tree of Peace serves as a poignant reminder of humanity's capacity for kindness and empathy. It encourages us to embrace diversity and foster understanding, transcending boundaries and building bridges of connections.

• 2” Tree: width 2.5 inches, height 2.5 inches, height with hang loop 3 inches, weight 0.2 lbs
• 6” Tree: width 5.5 inches, height 5.5 inches, height with hang loop 6 inches, weight 1 lbs
• Use a strong ribbon or fishing line to hang your ornament.
• Hang your Kitras ornament, indoors or outdoors, and periodically check that the hanging medium is still sound.
• To clean your Kitras Art Glass item use a damp cloth and lightly rub it around the outside of the glass. A simple cleaning will bring the sparkle back!

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