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John Medeiros

Celebration Petite Pavé Cross Wire Cuff Bracelet

Celebration Petite Pavé Cross Wire Cuff Bracelet

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Celebration Petite Pavé Cross Wire Cuff Bracelet. Fun symbols of love, hope and personality. John Medeiros Jewelry Collections. Base Material: Non-precious lead-free premium alloy with .05% silver, which is strong and lightweight. All of our cuff bracelets are made with memory wire which allows its wearer to adjust its size and not jeopardize the integrity of the bracelet. Cuff bracelets labeled "Large" "Medium" "Small" or "Petite" refer to the thickness of the twisted wire used to make the cuff. Bracelets that are "Small" or "Petite" offer an easier bend than bracelets labeled "Large" but all bracelets can be adjusted.

  • Made with rhodium/platinum and gold so they are Tarnish-free • Also available in CZ - Sapphire
  • Guaranteed for life.
  • Taking Care of Your Jewelry: 1. Gently wipe with a dry, soft cloth. A soft brush can be used to clean crevices. 2. Store all jewelry with care to avoid damage. 3. Never use chemicals, creams, perfumes, abrasives, or polishing cloths as this will deteriorate the product.
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